Brand Identity

The brand

A cup in the circle of a horizon. The story line is the imprint of a map showing heights, plains and distances, a two-dimensional representation of the desire to achieve and build oneself, developed with a very basic instinct. A map on which to trace the journey of research, as well as new journeys and destinations. The map traced is not only a scale projection and overview, but also a map with goals and destinations dedicated to the senses. It is an encouragement to make the dream of your destiny come true.

Di Giampaolo Experience

  • Those who leave for unknown destinations, and feel free wherever they journey.
  • Those who look for something they cannot put into words, and then find what they always wanted.
  • Those for whom leaving is simply not enough, it's going that counts.
  • Those who just need to be themselves, to get by.
  • Those who just cannot return, until they have learnt something new.
  • Those for whom fear, is simply a waste of time.
  • Those who believe that evolution, is the pace of existence.
  • Those for whom travelling is the mother earth, and discovery her womb.
  • Those for whom “try and try” again, is a marvellous game.
  • Those who say today we are here, and tomorrow we will be even more.
  • Those for whom a pinch of madness, is the spice of any experience.
  • Those for whom seeking for the best, gives meaning to every day.


Bar Set

Di Giampaolo offers a range of over the counter products, that make every journey a pleasure.

Tasting Set

Di Giampaolo coffee cups and espresso coffee cups, to bring out the full flavour of a masterpiece of flavour.

Notes Set

Notepad and post-it notes to jot down your ideas.

Service Kit

Sugar, scoops and glasses, to carry with you.

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