Di Giampaolo’s Professional Product line is formulated for those who demand the best quality that research has to offer: this excellent coffee range is especially developed for businesses.


Patisserie is all about tradition, art and love. As our roasting maestros well know.
For this business Di Giampaolo offers pastry and cake makers the best conditions for their creations: elegant and full-bodied blends, with a well-rounded aroma, the perfect choice to satisfy coffee drinkers from the earliest hours of the morning. Coffee is a detail of the highest value.


At the bar, coffee is what people drink most throughout the day. And coffee making is a ritual that should be put into practice in the best possible way. Giampaolo offers solutions that guarantee fresh easy-to-make coffee, even during off-peak hours, making each and every cup of coffee an amazing experience. We support your business with our range of retail products, ensuring successful coffee sales.


The particular needs of the catering business must be taken into account in order to ensure successful results. Coffee is the perfect ending to a meal, making every dish more satisfying, and turning every meal into something to remember. Di Giampaolo has the perfect solution for the many needs of restaurant owners. Making coffee quickly during peak hours and persistent creaminess until the coffee is served at the table; these are the characteristics that make good coffee.


Coffee in a hotel is part of the welcome. Often coffee is served in different areas of the hotel and must be of the highest quality at any time of the day and night. The hotel business is all about elegance. Di Giampaolo offers the best solutions for the specific demands of the hotel business, ensuring added value.

Our Coffee

Coffee bean blends

Di Giampaolo coffee bean blends satisfy even the most demanding palates.
Di Giampaolo coffee bean blends are the result of careful selection, strict controls, skilful roasting and an immense passion for what we do.

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Single-cup blends:

Di Giampaolo's unique blends come from the skilful processing of high-quality raw materials, and are perfect for any occasion, with a flavour that never fails to surprise.

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Assistance prevents and resolves any critical or technical issues that our customers may encounter during their work. The team of specialists will work to restore maximum efficiency of retail outlets.


This service is a continuous activity that our consultants offer exclusively to Di Giampaolo's customers. From the opening of the retail outlets and throughout the life of the business, we assist our customers through site inspection, development schedules and asset control to ensure their maximum competitive advantage.


The training offered by the team of Di Giampaolo aims to maximize, through knowledge and skills, the quality of products and services offered retail outlets. Training courses can be done collectively or at the customer's request.

Research and development

The internal laboratory controls and manages all raw materials, semi-finished products and develops the processing techniques. Thanks to our laboratory we can guarantee maximum reliability and technology in coffee production.

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