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The Selection

All Di Giampaolo blends are made with a selection of only the highest quality raw materials.

Each batch of freshly harvested coffee reaches the company with a pre-shipment sample that is tested to trace a detailed map of characteristics.
Scientific measurements such as weight, moisture and chemical analyses are carried out, including sensory controls before and after roasting.
After ascertaining that the batch complies with applicable standards, the purchase is finalized. Incoming coffee supplies are checked to ensure that they comply with the batch tested and stored in a climate controlled environment.


Once the procurement phase has been completed, the raw materials go into production: special software is used to estimate the processing quantities, so as to produce only the quantity strictly required to ensure that our product is fresh at all times.

Roasting is one of the most important phases of production since it has the greatest impact on quality; that is why in order to ensure perfect roasting, only raw materials from a single origin are processed.
Each batch is then processed to select the coffee beans, removing foreign bodies and controlling the weight. The roasted beans are then placed in silos to settle and mature, where each single origin remains for a specific period of time, in order to degas the nitrogen produced during roasting.

Coffee Blends

After maturing, the single origins are blended using an automatic process that ensures an accuracy of 0.1% and perfect distribution of the coffee beans.

The coffee blend then goes to the packaging line, where the production process ends.

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