It’s you that I was looking for...

... you who push yourself to the limits, to follow your guiding star..

The new and stronger identity of Di Giampaolo encloses the nature and desires of those who choose it, those who want to be part of passionate search for the best experience.

... just like you, free,
ambitious, happily crazy...

It’s a family passion, it’s what we are all about, a shared tradition that our loyal customers support because, just like us, they want to enjoy what nature has to offer.

... just like you,
who I know will achieve so much more,
because you follow your instinct...

Di Giampaolo is a constantly evolving company that pursues research with passion, in a constant quest to delight its customers with a total sense of satisfaction.

... now, at long last, you have arrived.

At Di Giampaolo Caffè: come into our world
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