Shamal - from the north / north-west

Revolutionary, irresistible, magnificent.

Like a warm north-west wind that blows on the Arabian Peninsula and causes the greatest storms: persistent, urgent, which upsets the uncertain balances forever.

A unique, precious, surprising, impetuous blend that represents the vanguard of Di Giampaolo Caffè production. This experience is possible thanks to the meeting of precious and selected upland crus, sublimated by the latest production technologies and by master roasters, in respect of the most ancient traditions.

Sensory map
  1. Colour
  2. Texture
  3. Olfactory intensity
  4. Body
  5. Acid
  6. Bitter
  7. Astringency
  8. Flowers Fresh fruit
  9. Vegetable
  10. Dry and dried fruit
  11. Roasted
  12. Spicy
  13. Different biochemicals
  14. GI od positive
  15. GI od negative


Refined and distinctive design with a unique and seductive personality. Designed for those who love choosing their destiny.

Di Giampaolo Shamal is the blend inspired by the highest pastry where style, accuracy and resolution aim at one goal: to be excellence.

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