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Our History

Our story starts in 1987 when Maurizio Di Giampaolo, founder of the company DGM Caffè, had just one goal in mind: that of turning a sip of coffee into a totally amazing experience.

The passion for quality and authentic aromas that he put into his idea, soon inspired his closest collaborators, turning their work into a passion they shared. Years went by, the company grew, and enthusiasm did all the rest. The bond between us and our customers became so very important that we ended up by gathering ideas and tastes, building together the project that is today Di Giampaolo Caffè.

A natural desire to share ideas and become even better is what makes Di Giampaolo Caffè different to any other company. Because a journey you travel with others, is a journey that enriches your life with pure values; and telling you about our journey, our pursuit of excellence is so very satisfying, because the time has come to enjoy the result of so much passion with you: our coffee.

Our Mission

To make you dream, through the experience of a cup of coffee, in a way that only a journey can make you dream.

Our Vision

To be the ones who fill every cup of coffee with emotion, a company that is known worldwide for quality and efficiency, and for a product with a unique personality.


Our Maestrale blend is certified by Espresso Italiano, the highest authority in the field of high quality coffee. Espresso Italiano certifies the complete production chain, monitoring the quality of the certified coffee in each link of the chain through inspections. The professional tasters of the certification authority who carry out the sensory tests are members of the IIAC (International Institute of Coffee Tasters).

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